Welcome to Agra By Bike Agra

“Do something different, I am sure you will love it”

Agra By Bike, Agra is the city sightseeing tour by bicycles, Founded by two passionate brothers John & Moses Rozario, First Bike Tour Company in Agra, Enjoying the Beautiful Taj Mahal , exploring city its culture & local people with through Bicycles. Agra By Bike was planned long time back; when Moses was born, but came into reality after two decades, when Moses and John kept their passion continue by cycling since their childhood.

We are also real traveler, we would love to show you the historic and local sights of Agra from a unique view and make your sightseeing very safe, simple & memorable So don’t just be caught in the freaky taxi driver’s tour and also give rest to your guide books. which sometimes can make your sweet memories grey, The best of Agra is not always easy to get, but we’ll show you how. Every city in the world is unique & wonderful and discovering something unique of that city will be really amazing, you never thought the way to experience our beautiful heritage city, Agra

I hope you will be amazed at how much you’ll see in our few hours’ tour – Breathtaking monuments and amazing things all around, and with a relaxing mind ,that is a Art of Bicycling. We know our city very well. We are riding here for years. So we don’t want that you should miss which is really amazing. I believe you will be amazed at how much you’ll see in few hours of our bicycle tour –Beautiful places and historic monuments and amazing things all around the city, with a relaxing mind and peaceful nature, which is the Art of Bicycling. We are lovers of our city and know it very well. As we are riding and growing here for years. So we don’t want you to miss the beautiful sight seeing of agra.

We have specially trained tour guides of our city – passionate and knowledgeable about Agra, and keen to keep you safe and entertained at all times. We take the safest, easiest routes to get you to the places that you must see and all done with positive sign to see smile on your face.