Bike Tours in India (Agra) are you Crazy?
Is biking in India (Agra) is safe?
Traffic in India is crazy too, I am Scared?
How does the Tour work?
Do we really speak English?
I have not cycled for months & years?
. Do I really need to be fit?
Does the tour go inside the monuments?
What does the price include?
Does the cost include the tickets for the monuments to?
Where do we meet? Where do the tours start?
How many people are their on the tours?
Are there any breaks during the Tours?
What kind of bikes do you have?
Taj Mahal is closed on Friday, then how the tour works?
What if it rains?
Do I need to wear a helmet?
Are reservations really required?
What is your cancellation policy?
Do you accept credit cards?
Do I need to collect my bike before the tour?
I want to go Fatehpur Sikri, It's not in your tour?
Who will be our bike tour guide?
Will I be able to take photos?
What should I wear?
Do you have a follow up vehicle if we get tired?
Do you offer hotel pickups?
I dint find my answer here?