Moses Rozario


He is a sensible, knowledgeable and a real entertainer. He has been born and bought up in Agra, studied in Delhi traveled to the most amazing places all around the globe, which gives him knowledge and experience and a very young age. after traveling so many cities & countries all around the globe from crazy skyscrapers of Dubai to the local art of Europe and always back to his incredible country and finally into the streets of Agra his hometown, he has very wide pool of experiences of meeting people sharing their culture and lifestyle. It will be wonderful to explore Agra with him and amazing to see something unique you never thought off, with moses it's always more than a tour.



He is music lover, he has been also raised up in Agra. went to Delhi to study some philosophy and ended in commerce, he loves his guitar and music is his passion as u would often notice him singing and swinging while cycling, john has deep knowledge about the city and its culture, he knows everything what's going in local surroundings, as a local he knows all about the city, its streets, people all around, going with him and exploring the city will be the unique way to do the city, he will be always your friend not a guide, as he jokes a lot you will be always ending up with our laughing experience too, just enjoy the tour with him.